Is For All Mankind renewed for Season 3?

For All Mankind season 2 on Apple TV Plus, photo courtesy Apple TV Plus
For All Mankind season 2 on Apple TV Plus, photo courtesy Apple TV Plus /

For All Mankind is an excellent show for Droughtlander, brought to us by Ron D. Moore and Tall Ship Productions. Will there be a third season?

For All Mankind is a dream project for Moore. It’s a space race story with a “what if” twist. What if the Soviets got to the moon first? How could that have changed the space race? It’s a “what if” that Moore has fun exploring throughout the series, with the first step in putting the first women on the moon.

The show has grown since then. The space race hasn’t slowed down. Now we get to see what could have been had NASA continued operating at the speed it was back in the ’60s.

And it certainly connects to Outlander. Not only is Moore behind For All Mankind, but there are mentions of the space race throughout the Outlander books and we see Claire watch Apollo 8 during the third season.

Has For All Mankind been renewed?

Apple TV renewed For All Mankind for a third season before the second season premiered. It was certainly much easier going into the second season knowing that it didn’t matter what type of cliffhanger the season ended on. We would get answers.

Is there going to be a Season 3 of For All Mankind?

Yes, Season 3 is definitely happening. There is more sci-fi to come with this, and notes that filming on the season has already started. While it gets more sci-fi, there are still some elements that will stand out in today’s world, including how Danielle as a Black woman is under more scrutiny than her white counterparts.

When does the new season of For All Mankind start?

There isn’t a release date just yet. Season 1 premiered on Nov. 1, 2019, and Season 2 premiere on Feb. 19, 2021. It looks like it’s going to take about 15 months between seasons, and that’s with the pandemic! It’s possible that Season 3 could premiere in February 2022 with that in mind, but maybe we should expect May 2022 just to be on the safe side!

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For All Mankind is available to stream on Apple TV.