Who sent the message to Amalia on The Nevers?

The Nevers -- Courtesy of HBO Max
The Nevers -- Courtesy of HBO Max /

There have been plenty of questions about the secret Amalia True is hiding on The Nevers. We’re slowly getting answers, but who sent her that message?

Mary died while singing her song that only the Touched could hear. It looked like everything was over with that storyline, but the Touched have Myrtle on their side. She was able to understand Mary’s song, a song that even Mary didn’t understand.

The song, which sounded like one of hope to all, was a message for Amalia True. Someone was connecting to Amalia through Mary’s song, and it was certainly a message of hope.

During The Nevers Season 1, Episode 4, Amalia admitted to Lucy that the plan for the Touched went wrong. Somehow, Amalia was left behind, pretty much confirming that she is one of these aliens now trapped in the body that Amalia’s spirit originally housed. The real Amalia isn’t there anymore.

A message of hope for Amalia on The Nevers

With the help of multiple translators, the message was decoded. It was a message to Amalia to say that she wasn’t alone on the planet. Someone else is there, trapped in the darkness.

Amalia was relieved. She no longer lives feeling like she was left behind by her friends and family. You could see the relief as she realized that there is someone like her still there, even if this someone like her is trapped in the dark.

Where in the dark? This could be a connection to the mad doctor storyline. He’s been operating on the Touched, stealing something from their brains. He showed off what he’s uncovered because of it. There’s a bright light in the darkness, which likely links to the Touched and the event that happened three years earlier. We knew eventually the storylines had to combine, right?

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