What’s Amalia True’s secret on The Nevers?

The Nevers Season 1, Episode 1 - Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein
The Nevers Season 1, Episode 1 - Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein /

Laura Donnelly is certainly slaying it as Amalia True on The Nevers. The character holds a secret, but what is she really up to?

When it comes to shows to watch during Droughtlander, The Nevers has likely been on your list. After all, Outlander‘s Jenny Fraser Murray (Laura Donnelly) is the lead of the series. There’s no doubt we’ve wanted to see what she can do in that position.

We’re three episodes into the first season so far. It’s clear that Donnelly’s character Amalia True has some secrets. What exactly are those secrets?

It’s going to be a while before everything, but here are my theories based on some of the things Amalia has said and done on The Nevers so far.

Amalia is far more than just Touched on The Nevers

There are flaws in the writing and character development. It’s very Joss  Whedon-esque, with Amalia True being the Buffy Summers of the series. However, unlike Buffy the Vampire Slayer where we knew what Buffy was, there are a lot of questions surrounding what Amalia is.

She initially appears to be one of the Touched, a woman with the ability to see flashes of the future. Each of the Touched has one ability, and that’s where things are different for Amalia. She also seems to have superhuman strength and excellent fighting abilities, two things she wouldn’t have gained before becoming Touched.

As we saw the spaceship fly over London and watched the people become Touched, Amalia jumped into a river to kill herself. She was unconscious underwater when she was Touched, leading to something potentially much bigger happening to her than all of the others.

Is it possible that being unconscious and near death opened more abilities? Or is it possible that she had died and her soul had left her body allowing something from the ship to take over and make sure she leads the Touched?

At one point in the first episode, Amalia says that her face isn’t her own. However, we know that is Amalia True, suggesting that she’s been possessed by something.

That suggestion continues in Episode 2 when Maladie (Buffy’s Dru of The Nevers) calls Amalia the “woman who sheds her skin.” That certainly suggests that Amalia is some sort of shapeshifter.

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What do you think Amalia True’s secret is? What do you think of The Nevers so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nevers airs on Sundays on HBO.