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The Nevers -- Courtesy of HBO Max
The Nevers -- Courtesy of HBO Max /

Now that Mary is with the rest of the protected Touched, it’s time for her song to be amplified on The Nevers Season 1, Episode 3.

During the previous episode, Amalia needed to sacrifice herself to protect Penance and Mary. It worked, and now Mary is with the protected members of the Touched.

Well, for now they are. The end of the episode revealed something big about the benefactor of this home for the Touched. She’s not as good as she seems, and that’s going to put everyone at risk.

Amalia is going to need to do whatever she can to keep everyone safe. During The Nevers Season 1, Episode 3, that means working with an unlikely ally. Who could this unlikely ally be? Is it connected to Swann’s storyline that sees him wanting to make money from the Touched? Will she start working with the detective properly after the success of the last mission?

It’s actually likely linked to Maladie’s crew. There’s a member of the Touched who may choose to work with Amalia after seeing what Amalia is doing.

Will Mary amplify her voice on The Nevers Season 1, Episode 3?

While all that happens, Penance creates a device that will allow Mary’s song to be amplified. This is a song that only the Touched can hear, and it’s a song of hope.

That’s what threw Maladie off so much. She’d never experienced love and hope in the past, and Mary’s song scared her.

This is a chance to bring more members of the Touched to Amalia for protection. Amalia also has a bigger plan, although it’s not clear what that is yet. Mary isn’t sure she wants to be a part of this. Not all those who have been Touched are good.

Check out the promo and synopsis for The Nevers Season 1, Episode 3:

"Penance creates an amplifier to spread Mary’s hope-inspiring song across the city, but first, Mary must find her voice; Amalia propositions an unlikely ally and works to expand the Orphanage’s reach; Swann entangles Augie and Mundi in his business."

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