5 top moments from Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 7

Men in Kilts -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Men in Kilts -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Clans and tartans. Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 7 walked us through two of the most important aspects to many Scots people. Here are the top five moments from the episode.

This was a really interesting episode, especially to a history nerd like myself. I always love learning what was important to people in the past, how that affects us now, and what traditions people try to keep alive.

Clans and tartans represented the Highland culture all those years ago and so many are still tied to their roots today. We learned about the different clans, their feuds, and even how tartans are made.

Here are the five best moments from Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 7.

Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 7 best moments

McDonalds vs McLeods

These two clans are notorious enemies, so of course, Sam had to bring them together. Even hundreds of years later, there’s still an animosity between them that they can never forget. They also made sure to stand between the rivals. Though at the end Sam and Graham got them to shake hands, so that’s something!

Visiting the Prickly Thistle

My favorite part of the episode was learning about the making of tartan. Each one has a unique weave and color pattern. The Prickly Thistle has a machine from 1954 that still runs and they have to make sure the yarn stays in a certain order for that perfect weave, depending on who they’re making it for. Every minute there are 100 strikes on the machine. How in the world did they make these by hand!?

Another highlight from the episode was meeting the Badenoch waulking group. They work the wool the traditional way to tighten and weatherproof the weave. There was a scene of a group of ladies doing the same hard work on Outlander.

MacGregors vs MacLarens

We met two other clan chiefs who also don’t like each other. Why can’t everyone just get along? Anyway, the MacGregors and MacLarens disagree on whether Rob Roy McGregor is buried on the church grounds—owned by the McLarens of course.

And sneaky Sam told them to meet at Balquhidder at the same time without telling them. I have to agree with Graham, the polite tension could be felt through the screen!

Castle Sween—Graham’s home!

Ok, so this isn’t actually Graham’s home. But Castle Sween is owned by the McTavish clan. It was a really special moment for Graham to visit his ancestral home. And how cool was it to be able to see it from the seaplane?

It’s amazing that he has that connection and knows his ancestors lived in that castle He has a physical place that represents where he comes from. It’s also the oldest stone-built castle, which is really cool. Go clan McTavish!

Beaufort Castle—Clan Fraser

A very exciting moment for us Outlander fans—seeing Beaufort Castle aka home of the real Frasers. Sam and Graham visited the clan of our favorite fictional character. Though I don’t think Sam got the memo that he’s not actually a Fraser…

There’s been a castle on the grounds for 700 years (wow!), but the British ran it down. The Frasers rebuilt it in the Victorian period. And can you guess which clan was a main rival of the Frasers—why the MacKenzies of course. Are we really surprised?

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