The Nevers is streaming on HBO Now tonight, Sunday, April 11

The Nevers -- Photograph by Keith Bernstein/HBO
The Nevers -- Photograph by Keith Bernstein/HBO /

Are you ready for a new series to get you through Droughtlander? Of course you are, and you’ll get it with The Nevers premiering tonight.

Originally helmed by Joss Whedon but now helmed by Philippa Goslett, The Nevers stars Laura Donnelly, Eleanor Tomlinson, James Norton, and more. It’s certainly an outstanding cast for a fascinating series.

You can watch The Nevers series premiere tonight, April 11. The first episode will be available on HBO Now and HBO Max from midnight ET. It’s very similar to STARZ in that effect.

The episode will then be available on the channel a little later on Sunday. Watch it from 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

The six episodes will release weekly throughout the spring.

Why make The Nevers your Droughtlander show

The Nevers is going to be perfect for during Droughtlander, and not just because Outlander‘s Jenny is in the series. However, it is going to be awesome seeing Laura Donnelly get the lead role to show off her skills.

She is Amalia True, the leader of a group of women who are known as “The Touched.” They possess abilities, and we know that Amalia’s is to see where she is in the future. She is described as being irresponsible and dangerous to the British elite. She is also passionate about her causes.

There are people out there who want to bring a swift end to the Touched. They are the Purists and view the Touched as dangerous. Of course, some may be, but there are always going to be dangerous people in the world. The Purists will go up against those willing to protect the Touched.

Think of the series as a Victoria-period version of the X-Men. The big difference is that only women get the abilities.

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The Nevers premieres tonight, April 11 at midnight ET on HBO Now and HBO Max.