Outlander Season 6 spoilers: Who is Mark Lewis Jones?

Mark Lewis Jones as Steve Baldini - Keeping Faith_Season 3, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: AcornTV
Mark Lewis Jones as Steve Baldini - Keeping Faith_Season 3, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: AcornTV /

Mark Lewis Jones is joining Outlander Season 6 as Tom Christie. Who is the actor behind the role, and what else can you see him in?

I will admit that I’ve wanted Jones to be part of Outlander for a very long time. As the show’s story moved to North Carolina and brought in more people on the Ridge, I could just imagine him taking on some of those roles. Richard Brown was on my mind at first, but I’m certainly excited to see what he’ll bring as Tom Christie.

Jones is a Welsh actor, although Richard Rankin says that his Scottish accent is extremely convincing. It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that you’ll have seen him in a lot of Welsh TV shows. The most recent is Keeping Faith. The first season is available on Amazon Prime Video right now and you can watch the second season on Acorn TV. The third (and final) season will premiere on April 12 on Acorn TV.

He’s also guest-starred in Hinterland and The Accident, along with many other Welsh TV shows. If you’re looking for something within the fantasy space, he’s played Captain Canady on Star Wars and he was Magistrate Flute on Carnival Row, making that another Outlander actor on that series now!

Theater, radio, and more before Outlander Season 6

Mark Lewis Jones isn’t just known for TV and film. He’s worked on various other projects, including on stage and in radio. He has also done voice work for video games, such as The Witcher 2. He has a wide range of talents, making it clear that he’s the right man for the job when it comes to the dangerous Tom Christie.

He is one of those actors that you’ll come to love on the screen. Just make sure you separate his character from himself!

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What are you excited to see on Outlander Season 6? What have you see Mark Lewis Jones in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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