Will Outlander Book 9 be published in 2021?

Diana Gabaldon has finished writing Outlander Book 9. Now all eyes are on whether Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone will be published this year.

While the wait for Outlander Book 9 has been long, we know it’s going to be worth it. We’ve also had Daily Lines to tease things to come and characters we’ll learn more about throughout the book series.

Now we know that the writing for Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone is finished. It’s exciting news, but this doesn’t mean we’re getting the book in our hands any time soon.

While we’d love for the book to be published in 2021, there’s no guarantee that will happen. It’s a long process to go from finished manuscript to published, which is something Diana Gabaldon recently shared again because there are a lot of people who don’t understand the workings of publishing—and nor should everyone have a deep understanding of that!

Could Outlander Book 9 come out in 2021?

It doesn’t stop up hoping that we’ll get to read the ninth book in the saga this year. With writing finished now, there is a chance. However, Gabaldon has reminded us that the pandemic has caused a problem with publishing.

There’s no guarantee of a 2021 release date. It’s possible that Outlander Book 9 will arrive in 2022, similarly to Nell Hudson’s upcoming novel.

Again, it’ll be worth the wait.

Right now, the publisher will need to look at the schedule for other books. There’s a marketing plan to put together, and the audiobook will need to be recorded since that will be released at the same time as the hardback copy.

We’ll be sure to keep an ear to the ground for when the book will be published. Stay tuned with Claire and Jamie for the latest updates about Outlander Book 9 and more.