SAS: Red Notice starring Sam Heughan coming in March 2021

SAS: Red Notice -- Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment
SAS: Red Notice -- Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment /

SAS: Red Notice, starring Sam Heughan, has an on-demand release date. Get ready to see our Outlander star in a new action movie.

There’s no doubt as Outlander fans we’re looking for what our actors are up to during their breaks. Sam Heughan has been busy with a few films over recent years, and the latest now has a release date.

SAS: Red Notice will come to Video On Demand on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. This release is global, with the UK release date still set for Friday, March 12, 2021 on Sky.

It is most definitely a movie you’ll want to watch if you want to see Heughan take on a role that definitely isn’t Jamie Fraser.

What is SAS: Red Notice about?

The movie is based on the Andy McNab book Red Notice. Heughan plays Tom Buckingham, a British special forces operator, who just wants to propose to his girlfriend in Paris. He’s deep in the Channel Tunnel when the train is taken hostage by Grace Lewis, played by Batwoman‘s Ruby Rose.

Grace has demands, and if those demands aren’t met, she will leak dark secrets about the government and blow up the train. Tom isn’t about to let that happen, even if he is cut off from his enter team and completely unarmed. He’s the train’s only hope of survival.

The trailer for SAS: Red Notice certainly gives us a hint of the action to expect. It also lets us know that there are some other excellent actors involved, including Andy Serkis (what hasn’t he been in?), Noel Clarke (Doctor Who and Bulletproof), and Tom Hopper (yes, from The Umbrella Academy).

This is not a movie you’ll want to miss, and there isn’t long to wait for it to come out.

We are still waiting on a U.S. release date for To Olivia, which came out in the UK on Feb. 19.

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SAS: Red Notice is coming to VOD on Tuesday, March 16.