A Discovery of Witches has completed filming: What could this mean for Steven Cree and Outlander?

Steven Gree as Gallowglass - A Discovery of Witches _ Season 2, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Sundance Now/Bad Wolf
Steven Gree as Gallowglass - A Discovery of Witches _ Season 2, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Sundance Now/Bad Wolf /

A Discovery of Witches made it impossible for Steven Cree to film anything for Outlander Season 5. Now filming has finished, could he return?

With A Discovery of Witches filming at an end (that’s the complete series wrapped now, by the way), it means Cree has got rid of the beard. It was this beard that stopped him from filming Outlander Season 5. After all, we know Ian Murray doesn’t have a beard and the producers felt that him suddenly having one would be weird.

So, storylines had to be adapted. It’s not all that clear what role Cree would have had in the fifth season, but it doesn’t stop us looking ahead at Season 6 and beyond.

With the beard gone, is it possible Cree could return? Physically, sure, right now. But is there a storyline for him available?

The Murrays do return in the Outlander books

It’s worth noting that the Murrays return in the Outlander books, but it could be difficult to film everything that happens. Jenny Murray is important later on, and we know it doesn’t look like Laura Donnelly is returning. Never say never, but she has said that it would always depend on her schedule.

So, if the Murrays were to return, things would have to be adapted heavily. It could mean switching the storylines around for Ian and Jenny, but then that wouldn’t make sense for the backstory. It was Ian’s time in jails while Jamie hid in the cave that led to his health problems in the books. Jenny didn’t have that backstory.

It’s possible that the entire storyline in Scotland may be avoided for Outlander. This could mean there’s no need to bring the Murrays back into it.

Is A Discovery of Witches Season 4 happening?

A Discovery of Witches Season 3 has wrapped filming. Cree shared a tweet on his last day and others from the show have also marked the last day.

Is this really the end? Couldn’t a fourth season happen?

This is one show that is wrapping up at the same time as the books. A Discovery of Witches was the first book in the All Souls Trilogy, with each season following the individual book storylines. There will be no more of the series since there isn’t another book—well, there is but not in the main trilogy series.

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Would you like to see Steven Cree return to Outlander? What do you think of him on A Discovery of Witches? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

A Discovery of Witches airs on Sundance Now.