Droughtlander suggestions: Watch History of Swear Words on Netflix

HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS Nicolas Cage as himself in HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS. Cr. Adam Rose / Netflix
HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS Nicolas Cage as himself in HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS. Cr. Adam Rose / Netflix /

History of Swear Words is perfect for Outlander fans during Droughtlander

Outlander fans looking for something a little different during Droughtlander will want to turn to History of Swear Words. Even if you’re not looking for something different, it’s still an excellent show to check out.

You probably think I’m a little crazy for suggesting this during Droughtlander. It’s a comedy series hosted by Nicolas Cage. There doesn’t seem to be anything Outlander related at all.

Well, it’s all in the details of OutlanderHistory of Swear Words will help us understand Claire’s language and the reactions to Claire’s language a whole lot more.

What is History of Swear Words about?

The Netflix series is a six-episode comedy show hosted by Nicolas Cage. While it offers facts about swear words, it’s not a boring docuseries. It’s more about bringing life to the words that are viewed as bad and looking at how they developed over time.

The show goes from the worst of the swear words picked out to the most mild (at least, mild in today’s terms). It’s one word per episode, going from f**k, to s**t, and all the way to damn.

There are language and history experts to look back at the origin of the words and how they developed. Some of them certainly have some interesting developments, while others are pretty much what you’d expect.

The episode on the word b***h is interesting as it looks at the reclamation of the world, something I’ve been talking about a lot over recent years.

You’ll laugh, you’ll be surprised, and you’ll find new swear words that you’d love to fit into the modern-day language. You’ll also end up on a journey of thinking about where swear words will be in the next few decades or even the next century.

Why Outlander fans should watch the Netflix series

So, why is it so good for Outlander fans during Droughtlander? It’s all about Claire.

We know she has a potty mouth. She hasn’t held back from the beginning, and she immediately gets the attention of the people around her. Men are shocked to hear the language she uses, knowing that women of the time don’t speak that way.

Claire loves the use of swear words, and is quite colorful in them at times. But there are always questions about whether others would actually know what she means. Would people understand “f**k” the way she means it?

History of Swear Words takes us into the history. We get a chance to see how the language has evolved and what people are likely thinking when they do hear Claire swear. Plus, you’ll get more of an understanding of why “damn” is such a bad word in the past.

It’s a little bit of fun. History of Swear Words is only six half-hour episodes, but it’s worth it for one (maybe two?) night of Droughtlander. And if you like Adam Ruins Everything, this is most definitely a series for you.

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What are you watching to get through Droughtlander? What did you think of History of Swear Words? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

History of Swear Words is now streaming on Netflix.