Outlander: Who is the father of Brianna’s baby?

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Do we definitely know who the father of Jemmy is on Outlander?

There are a few questions that all Outlander fans ask. One of them is about Jemmy’s parentage. Who is the father of Brianna’s baby?

Brianna slept with Roger after they were handfast. However, that same night, she was raped by Stephen Bonnet. It was after this that Bree learned she was pregnant with Jemmy, and now nobody really knows who Jemmy’s father is.

Who does Brianna think is the father?

At first, Bree is sure that Bonnet is the father. After all, Roger pulled out but Bonnet didn’t. While the pull-out method isn’t foolproof, it does make sense why Bree would think Bonnet would be the father.

She tells Bonnet that she believes he is the father. This leads to a bigger storyline as Bonnet decides he wants to get his hands on Jemmy.

But does that mean Bonnet is the father?

Brianna eventually changes her mind.

Who is Jemmy’s father in the Outlander books?

Without a paternity test, it would be hard to say for certain. However, there are certain things from the book and the show that have made it clear who Jemmy’s biological father really is.

Let’s start with the books. When Jemmy gets headlice, he has to have his head shaved. That’s when a birthmark is noticed on Jemmy’s head; a birthmark that is identical to one Roger has.

This is the proof that Roger and the others need. It’s a biological birthmark, meaning Roger’s genes have passed it on.

This is Diana Gabaldon’s way to make it clear that Roger is Jemmy’s father.

Who is Jemmy’s father in the series?

What about the show? It is Roger, but the discovery is through a slightly different way. Whether the show will opt for the birthmark storyline or not is still up for debate, but the clarification over Jemmy’s parentage came in Outlander Season 5.

Jemmy complained the opal from Ottertooth was hot. Ian couldn’t feel anything, but Claire, Bree, and Roger all agree that it is warm. Jemmy goes one step closer and manages to break the opal.

How are Jemmy’s abilities so strong? It must be because both his parents have the traveler gene. If that’s the case, it means Roger has to be Jemmy’s father, because Bonnet isn’t a time traveler.

And so, we get the answer in both book and show. Roger is Jemmy’s father.

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