Outlander Season 5 is coming to Netflix Australia in February 2021

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

All 12 episodes of Outlander Season 5 are on Netflix Australia next month

It has been a long wait for Outlander Season 5 to come to Netflix Australia, but the wait is almost over. The season will be available next month.

It’s a month later than the Canadians got access to the full season but later is better than never. Hey, at least you’re getting it sooner on Netflix than those in the United States!

What’s the official date? Get Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021 in your diary, according to Screen Realm.

Think of the release as a slightly late Valentine’s Gift.

The release is about year from the premiere of Outlander Season 5 in the country.

How did Outlander Season 5 start?

Since it’s been a year since the start of the season, you may be trying to remember where things got started. Well, Outlander Season 5 picked up with everyone in the past. Roger returned to Brianna at the end of the fourth season, and now the two were ready to start their family.

The premiere is an important moment for the two of them. Not only is it their wedding, but we also get that epic scene between Roger and Jocasta, leading to the blood oath. That was something I did miss from Outlander Season 4, so I was so glad the fifth season added it in.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s promise to the Governor is going to come up. He needs to bring down the Regulators, including his own godfather, Murtagh.

The fifth season is one that will make you cry. There are moments that leave you with your heart in your mouth, and there are some horrific storylines. Just make sure you have the tissues ready!

We’re still waiting for news on Outlander Season 6. Filming is due to start soon, and the studio has its own COVID testing center. With hope, Season 6 will arrive in 2022.

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Outlander Season 5 is coming to Netflix Australia on Feb. 17, 2021.