Outlander Season 6 is likely to film in a bubble

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

The lockdowns in Scotland isn’t going to stop Outlander Season 6 from filming

Scotland has gone back into a strict lockdown, but that won’t affect filming. That meanOutlander Season 6 can start filming.

We don’t have any indication yet that filming has definitely started. The production tends to remain as quiet as possible about it to prevent spoilers from leaking and to keep people away from the sets as much as possible. Of course, there are times that things do leak based on the locations of filming.

Keeping Outlander Season 6 filming under wraps will be more important than ever. It helps to limit the potential exposure of COVID-19 on a show that is extremely COVID-unfriendly. The show looks to be doing as much as it can, and it appears that includes filming in a bubble.

Sam Heughan talked about a potential bubble

Our own Jamie Fraser, Sam Heughan, talked to Parade about filming for the sixth season. While it has been delayed, there’s no danger of Heughan not getting back into the role. It’s like riding a bike.

During the interview, he shared that the show is likely to film in its own little bubble. A few TV shows have done this, mostly the reality TV programs. The idea is that the cast and crew don’t have contact with others while they’re filming, keeping the risk of exposure to an absolute minimum.

This is something that Supernatural did for its final two episodes. The number of extras on set was kept to a minimum (to the point of completely wiping out all people on Earth!) and there weren’t as many crew members involved in the final episodes. This is something Outlander Season 6 could do.

It could mean saving some of the bigger scenes that do involve a lot of extras to the end of filming. This would allow for more time for the vaccine roll-out to take place and for this devastating second wave to come to an end. Keep the extras to a minimum during the hardest points of filming.

There will be some strict protocols on set, which is something all TV shows have had to face. Everyone will need to wear face masks when not filming and they will all need to have regular COVID tests. Heughan is positive that this is going to be a safe place for them all to work.

These protocols could mean filming takes longer than normal. I still don’t expect Outlander Season 6 in 2021.

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