Outlander’s Lallybroch filming site to close until 2021

Midhope Castle, aka Lallybroch, is closing to visitors for the remainder of 2020

Unfortunately, there’s more bad news for Outlander-obsessed travelers this year.  If you want to visit the site where they filmed Lallybroch, you’ll have to wait until sometime in 2021.

Midhope Castle is on the Hopetoun Estate, about 30 miles northwest of Edinburgh.  Hopetoun House and the grounds around it, which have also been used for Outlander filming, have been closed for some time and will reopen next Easter.  According to the Daily Record, Midhope Castle has just been added to the closure.

They decided to close the popular tourist attraction because of COVID-19 concerns and updated travel restrictions from the Scottish Government.  You’ll have to watch the Hopetoun Estate website to find out when Midhope Castle will reopen to visitors.

Midhope Castle was one of the first locations to be scouted for Outlander filming

In an earlier Daily Record article, they reported that “Showrunner Ronald D. Moore said that Midhope Castle fit the ‘mental image’ that they had of Lallybroch.”  The inside of the building is derelict so they filmed the house’s interiors at Cumbernauld.

The castle was built in the 1450s and 60s, while the tower and turrets were rebuilt in the late 1500s.  In the book, the Lallybroch farmhouse was built by Jamie’s father in the early 1700s so the filming location is quite a bit older.  There are plans to restore Midhope Castle in the long run, and there are also tentative plans to build a whisky distillery next door.

There were plans to shoot some scenes at Lallybroch in Season 5 of Outlander, but those never came to pass.  Apparently, Steven Cree was supposed to be involved, but his Gallowglass beard for A Discovery of Witches caused some issues.

Have you ever visited the Lallybroch location?  Will the current Midhope Castle closure disrupt your travel plans?  Let us know in the comments below.

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