5 best Claire moments from Outlander Season 3, Episode 4

Claire’s standout moments from Outlander Season 3, Episode 4

There were some excellent moments throughout Outlander Season 3, Episode 4 for all characters, including Brianna and Roger. It’s time to breakdown the episode on the anniversary of it airing, looking at just Claire’s moments.

We jump two years forward from the previous episode. We’re back to where we left the characters in the Outlander Season 2 finale, with Claire learning that Jamie survived Culloden after all. Now she needs to find out what happened to him afterward.

A man like Jamie would have eventually been arrested. Deep down she knows that, so now she needs to figure out which prison she went to. Sure enough, she finds him listed at Ardsmuir Prison. And we get into Claire’s best moments from Outlander Season 3, Episode 4.

Finding Jamie’s name

The start of the episode sees Claire, Brianna, and Roger start their search for Jamie. Well, we start to see the search, but it’s clear that it’s been going on for some time. They’re all looking through prison records, including some of the biggest prisons around Scotland. I love that the Tolbooth gets a mention.

However, Claire gets a jolt of hope during the episode. She finds Jamie’s name mentioned. It’s a start. She knows that he definitely survived and that he was around 10 years after the battle. But they need another 10 years to figure out where he’s gone.

Needing to stay in Scotland

Claire can’t go back to Boston just yet. She phones Joe to tell him that she’s staying in Scotland for a little longer, although he can’t tell him why. Even when it comes to her own patient, she still can’t leave Scotland for her work. She needs to find Jamie.

We get this pull of the heart. After 20 years, she finally has the chance to get back to her soulmate.

Getting the pearls back

Whether you think Claire would give the pearls to Mrs. Graham or not, she did during the Outlander Season 2 premiere. We didn’t see it happen, but she did it to keep them safe from Frank. It led to an excellent moment during Outlander Season 3, Episode 4.

Claire gets the pearls back from Fiona, who knows that her grandmother would have wanted Claire to get them back eventually. It’s a memory of the past, items she never thought she’d see again. And you can tell immediately how much Claire missed them.

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Feeling closer to Bree than ever before

After getting the pearls, Claire and Brianna share a moment. Bree calls her “Mama,” which is apparently something she hasn’t called Claire in a long time. It’s clear that this trip has done something Claire hoped—brought the two of them back together. And they seem closer than ever.

It’s hard not seeing mother and daughter on the same page during the Season 2 finale. This moment makes it all worth it.

Refusing to leave the bar

I love that Claire refuses to step away from the bar. All the men are glaring at Claire and Brianna. How dare women even think about sitting at a bar! Well, Claire isn’t going to just accept the sexist attitude from men—and attitude Roger doesn’t share, but he does want to make it easier on them all to avoid the glares.

We’ve always seen this side of Claire in the past, refusing to do what is expected of her. I was glad to see it continue in 1968 Scotland.

What were your favorite Claire moments from Outlander Season 3, Episode 4? Share them in the comments below.

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