5 best Jamie moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 8

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Jamie’s standout moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 8

On this day six years ago, we left Jamie hanging in a window for six months. It’s time to look back at Outlander Season 1, Episode 8.

While half of the episode was focused on Frank’s time in the 1940s, we got a lot of time inthe 18th century. It was a chance to see Jamie fall all the more in love with Claire, risking his own life and freedom for her. But we need the buildup that, which we get in “Both Sides Now.”

Here’s a look at Jamie’s five best moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 8.

Speaking with Hugh Munro

We start the episode with Claire and Jamie enjoying lunch together. They’re interrupted by Hugh Munro, who has word of a deserter who may be able to get the price of Jamie’s head. He’s certainly happy about it, but it’s the moments with Hugh that I love.

We can see the two have a bond. They’ve known each other for some time, and he has nothing but respect for Hugh. I love seeing this side of Jamie on the show.

Knowing people are about

That night, the group is raided by the Grants. Before the raid happens, the horses are restless. Everyone knows that there are people about.

Jamie doesn’t know who it will be. He gives Claire a knife and tells her to hide, and we see that look between Jamie and Murtagh to make it clear Murtagh needs to protect Claire. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

His guilt over the events with the deserters

The next day, Jamie and Claire steal some private time together. However, a couple of British Army deserters come upon them. Claire has to defend herself by killing one of the men.

Jamie immediately feels guilty. Sure, he couldn’t have done anything about the deserters in the field, but he should have been more careful. The Highlanders are a dangerous place, and he knows that all too well. He can’t help but blame himself.

Getting Willie to stay behind

Jamie knows that he can’t see Horrocks by himself. At the same time, he can’t take Claire with him. So, he decides to leave her behind with Willie.

This is a part of the Outlander book that bothered me. I couldn’t understand why Jamie would leave Claire alone. He admitted it was a mistake, but after everything that happened, he wouldn’t have made a mistake like that. I’m glad the show changed that part and had him think about Claire’s safety properly.

Hanging in the window

Of course, Claire didn’t stay where she was supposed to. She was taken to Fort William, and Jamie had no choice but to mount a rescue.

That’s where we end Outlander Season 1, Episode 8. Just as it looks like Black Jack Randall is going to rape Claire, Jamie appears in the window with a pistol aimed at Black Jack Randall with one of the best lines of the entire series.

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What were your favorite Jamie moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 8? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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