Happy birthday, Maria Doyle Kennedy: 5 best Jocasta moments from Outlander Season 5

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Testing Forbes’s intentions

After everything with Murtagh, there’s Stephen Bonnet and Gerald Forbes to deal with. The Frasers will deal with Bonnet, but Jocasta has a way to handle Forbes. She wants him to change the way her estate will be divided up, giving money to Bree and Roger, Marsali and Fergus, and the children.

It’s a test. She wants to see how Forbes will react. Once again, we see this manipulative woman who makes it clear nobody will pull a fast one on her.

It does almost end with the loss of her life, though. It also ends with Ulysses taking a step that means he needs to get out of North Carolina and the Colonies. However, it was worth it to get rid of Forbes.

Saying goodbye to Murtagh

Now for my #1 Jocasta moment from Outlander Season 5. It’s all about her performance at Murtagh’s funeral.

For one, we get to hear Maria Doyle Kennedy’s beautiful voice. It was something I’d hoped for during the show but wasn’t sure how it was going to work. I’m so glad the writers found a way to include her singing.

But it was also about what this moment meant. Jocasta and Murtagh weren’t married. In fact, Jocasta had married Duncan Innes by this point. Yet, she mourned for Murtagh as a lost love, showing that the heart wants what it wants.

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Happy birthday, Maria Doyle Kennedy!