5 best Outlander Season 5 episodes to rewatch

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My 5 favorite Outlander Season 5 episodes I’ll rewatch first

There were certainly some excellent episodes throughout Outlander Season 5. Now that the DVD and Blu-ray are here, it’s time to do a rewatch.

Some will binge-watch from the beginning, working through each of the episodes. Some of us like to start with our favorite episodes, remembering why we loved them so much.

I am often in the minority when it comes to favorite moments or favorite characters on the Outlander TV series. A lot of that is because I’m in the minority about scenes from the books that stand out the most. Also, I completely separate book from show and love that the two are so different—I don’t get bored of the show because there’s always something to keep me on my toes.

I think some of my top picks from Outlander Season 5 will have some fans scratching their heads. However, they’re the ones that stood out in terms of acting, creative decisions, and storytelling.

Episode 9: Monsters and Heroes

I start with “Monsters and Heroes.” This is the episode where Jamie is bitten by a snake and he’s close to death. In fact, at one point he chooses death over the loss of his leg. And it’s this moment that really made me appreciate the episode so much.

We get this moment for Young Ian, as he realizes just how much he loves and respects his dad. He’s always looked up to his Uncle Jamie, but in this moment, he sees his dad in a new light.

The episode also gives us a little more from Fergus. I really wish the character would be used more.

Finally, it’s all about the entire family coming together. Roger, Claire, and Brianna all have a role to play in saving Jamie. It starts with Roger doing everything he can while in the woods, making sure as much of the venom is sucked out as possible. Then Claire literally saves Jamie’s life one night. Finally, Brianna finds a way to create a syringe and we see her be an engineer finally!