5 best Outlander Season 5 episodes to rewatch

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Episode 11: Journeycake

The penultimate episode of Outlander Season 5 is up next. Written by Diana Gabaldon, I know there are a lot of book moments that fans love. These aren’t the moments that ever stood out in the books for me, so they’re not the reason I love this episode so much.

Instead, it’s all about a story invented for the show. We get all those emotional goodbyes, that I did miss in the books when it comes to Bree and Roger actually traveling. We also get this moment of Young Ian wishing that he could travel—and just the fact that he finally learns the truth about time travel.

More importantly, we see the acceptance that the MacKenzies’ home is in the past. It doesn’t matter that they’re from another time. Their home is where their hearts are.

Episode 7: The Ballad of Roger Mac

What an emotional episode! “The Ballad of Roger Mac” is the one that involves the Battle of Alamance, and that heartbreaking sacrifice. Murtagh saves Jamie, even though it costs him his life. Jamie may have released Murtagh from his oath but that doesn’t mean Murtagh was ever going to turn his back on Jamie.

When you need a good cry, this is the Outlander Season 5 episode to watch. There’s a moment when Jamie falls to the ground and cries over Murtagh’s death, wanting to be alone in his grief for that second.

We also get the battle. It was so brilliantly shown. Outlander has never had an issue with giving us excellent battle scenes.