Droughtlander suggestions: Listen to Podlander Drunkcast right now

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Opt for Podlander Drunkcast to get through Droughtlander

When you’re looking at getting through Droughtlander, something you’ll want to consider doing is listening to podcasts. Podlander Drunkcast is our suggestion for the week for all those waiting for new episodes of Outlander.

This is a podcast that I’ve recommended in the past. Claire and Jamie also got a shoutout when I happened to be in C2E2 and went to the live recording of an episode there. Woop! Even without the shoutout, I’d be recommending this podcast because it is so darn fun!

What is Podlander Drunkcast?

Podlander Drunkcast has been around since 2016, starting with the second season of the series. The hosts are a mixture of book-first and show-first fans, so some episodes have no spoilers at all and others are all about the books. There’s something for everyone, with no judgment about where you are in the series. And that’s something that immediately drew me into this podcast.

After the second season finished, the podcast went back through the first season to fill in some of the Droughtlander.

The downside is there’s rarely content now during Droughtlander. However, there are 93 episodes to get through, with some of them almost at two hours in length.

While the word “drunk” is in the title and there is some drinking involved, this isn’t one of those podcasts where the hosts become incoherent. They all still drink responsibly, but they want to have a good time. It’s all about doing something fun.

This isn’t for those who don’t like a lot of swearing. Of course, you probably avoid Outlander if you don’t like that much swearing, right? It’s not on the level of The Boys if you’ve seen that show!

Why you need to give Podlander Drunkcast a chance

If you haven’t checked out the podcast yet, this is the perfect timing. After all, there are so many episodes to fill in the break. While you may get through all 93 episodes, you’ll enjoy going back through older episodes.

It’s a fun podcast. This is all about discussing the series, talking about something they all love, and engaging with the listeners. There are guests now and then, and there’s a lot of love for the Patreon supporters.

You’ll want to listen from the beginning and go through each episode. The hosts have nicknames for all your favorite characters, and those nicknames are explained early on. For example, Lord John Grey is known as “Coinface,” simply because his face looks perfect for a coin.

This is a podcast by fans for fans. Go on and download it from your favorite podcast platform. I use Stitcher.

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What are you listening to during Droughtlander? What do you think of Podlander Drunkcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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