Droughtlander suggestions: Watch Poldark as an Outlander fan

Poldark Season 5 -- Courtesy of PBS
Poldark Season 5 -- Courtesy of PBS /
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Poldark, Season 4 — Courtesy of Mammoth Screen and MASTERPIECE
Poldark, Season 4 — Courtesy of Mammoth Screen and MASTERPIECE /

It’s worthy of a binge-watch

There are some shows that you’ll only be able to watch an episode or two and need to take a break. It could be the topics, the violence, or just that you feel overwhelmed by them. When you’re looking for something during Droughtlander, there’s no doubt that you need something that’s binge-worthy. You want shows like Outlander!

Well, that’s what you get with Poldark.

The story is told over five seasons. Most seasons are just eight episodes long, although Season 2 is 10 episodes and Season 3 is nine episodes. Everything remains contained and focused, which is common for British period dramas.

And the short seasons work with the contained storylines. It’s a better chance to get to know particular characters and feel attached to them. Plus, you have something that is far more binge-able than something that has 22 episodes and 15 seasons!

You won’t regret starting the series. Well, unless you regret spending a whole week watching one show.

Once it’s over, you’ll probably want to start the book series.

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What are you watching to get through Droughtlander? Which shows like Outlander do you highly recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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