Droughtlander suggestions: Watch Poldark as an Outlander fan

Poldark Season 5 -- Courtesy of PBS
Poldark Season 5 -- Courtesy of PBS /
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Poldark — Courtesy of Mammoth Screen/PBS Masterpiece
Poldark — Courtesy of Mammoth Screen/PBS Masterpiece /

Beautiful sets and costumes

One of the things that keeps us engaged in Outlander as fans is the work that goes into it. The costumes and sets are among the biggest talking points. Well, Poldark has them too.

If you miss the beauty of the costumes from Outlander, you’ll want to check out this series during Droughtlander. The costumes are a little later than our beloved series, set in the years after the Revolutionary War. They’re also the English costumes for those in the south. This will mean different materials, colors, and extra items. They’re still true to the time.

As for the sets, there are just so many. The series has done such a wonderful job of bringing 18th-century England to life.

Riveting drama and wonderful acting

Of course, we love the costumes and sets, but a show wouldn’t be any good if it wasn’t written well. There’s no need to worry about that. Like any show based on a book series, there is some artistic license taken. However, for the most part, the storylines (especially earlier ones) follow what you’d expect.

On top of that is the brilliant casting. Aidan Turner is outstanding as Ross Poldark. He has his flaws, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a man you want by your side. There are times you will scream at the screen, but that shows how wonderful Turner is in the role.

Eleanor Tomlinson got her chance to shine on Poldark. She takes on the role of Demelza and brings the character to life so perfectly. She’s joined the cast of The Nevers with Laura Donnelly, so you’ll want to see her in this leading lady role to see her at her best and get an idea of what to expect from her in the new series.

There are also some familiar faces that pop up along the way. One of those is Andrew Gower in Poldark Season 5.