Happy birthday, Romann Berrux: What to watch with him next

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

What else can you see Romann Berrux in other than Outlander

There is no doubt that Romann Berrux is best known as Fergus in Outlander. He played the role in Seasons 2 and 3, before passing it onto César Domboy to play Adult Fergus.

To celebrate Romann’s birthday this year (it’s today!), we’re looking at other roles he’s done. These are French-speaking roles. I’ll admit they may not be easy to find, but they’re going to be worth it to see our wee Fergus in other roles.

The Inside Game

Recently, Romann Berrux was in the miniseries The Inside Game, playing the role of Damien Forrest in all six episodes of the series.

The series followed an agrochemical corporation marketing director who is found drowned. Meanwhile, a farmer blames the corporation of being the origin of his disease, while a Member of Parliament is attempting to get a registered pesticide banned.

As a miniseries, it is one and done. You’ll get the beginning, middle, and end to the story with very few questions left over.


Next up is the TV movie Huguette, which saw Berrux star as Rémi.

Huguette is a 78-year-old former school principal. When she fails to pay her rent, she’s made homeless. However, her neighbor Marion offers her a place to stay with a catch. She’ll need to prevent Rémi from failing in school.

This is a great chance to see Romann in a slightly larger role than previous projects, while also seeing him interact with an older actress. Think about all the fun we had with Fergus and Murtagh.


Prefer a comedy? You’ll want to check out Détectives, a French comedy.

The series follows two amateur detectives in France. Of course, that means a lot of hilarious escapades. There may be a few cases eventually solved, but the journey to solving them is what you’re tuning into.

Romann starred in all 16 episodes of the series as Hugo Roche.

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Stroke of Luck

We get to see Romann in a larger role in Stroke of Luck, another made-for-TV movie. It’s a heartfelt story that you’ll want to check out.

Romann plays Marius, the 12-year-old son of Claire. Claire is a single mom trying to raise her son and her eight-year-old daughter, Zoe. She is only just keeping Social Services away. That all changes when Marius is hit by a car accidently.

Summer Camp

For the last suggestion, we’re heading back to 2010 and the TV movie Summer Camp. In this one, Romann Berrux plays Jules.

The movie takes place at, as the title suggests, a summer camp. Denis thinks it’s the perfect shelter during the summer, but he realizes he needs to deal with children. And he hates children. It’s a fun little movie with some life lessons. For Outlander fans, it will be fun seeing Berrux in a role when he wasn’t even in the double digits.

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Happy birthday, Romann Berrux!