Diana Gabaldon has no idea on when Claire and Jamie married in Outlander

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Diana Gabaldon has shared she doesn’t know the wedding date in Outlander

When did Claire and Jamie get married? That’s a question from an Outlander fan recently, and it turns out Diana Gabaldon can’t offer an answer.

She replied to the fan sharing that she doesn’t know the date because Claire doesn’t know the date. The way Gabaldon writes is by listening to the characters, so this isn’t all that surprising.

You may not have heard about how the story began. While she knew it was about Jamie, it wasn’t his voice that she heard in her head. Instead, Claire’s voice came up, and Diana had to figure out how a woman from the 1940s was in 1740s Scotland.

So, the only things Diana knows are the things that her characters tell her. Over the course of the books, other characters have talked to her. We got Roger’s point of view during Dragonfly in Amber and then Jamie, Brianna, Lord John Grey, and others have slowly gained parts in the books. Yet, she still only knows anything they share.

Claire doesn’t know when she got married

We’ve got to remember that while time worked the same, it was told differently. Claire did get a glimpse of the date she landed in while in Colum’s office, but then the days and weeks would roll into one. How often have you had to think about the day of the week you’re on when you’ve likely got a calendar in front of you?

Claire never had that luxury, so it’s not surprising she doesn’t know the wedding date. Diana isn’t sure the Outlander heroine even knows the date now, although I’ll admit that seems surprising.

Oh, and she was drunk the whole time. This wasn’t something she wanted to happen at the time.

After all, wouldn’t Jamie know? Diana Gabaldon certainly thinks he’d know, but it doesn’t sound like he’s shared the date just yet. Maybe that’s something for Outlander told from Jamie’s point of view? We can still hope after all the other books are written, right?

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