Outlander Book 9 Daily Lines: Jamie gives a Gaelic lesson

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Jamie gives Frances a quick Gaelic lesson in Outlander Book 9’s Daily Lines

While the Outlander Book 9 Daily Lines don’t come as often anymore, we still get a few here and there. The latest snippet is a Jamie chapter from “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.”

The chapter starts with Frances waking Jamie, saying that breakfast is ready. There’s a fun comment in how he doesn’t smell anything and “ready is relative.”

It’s a comment we need to remember when it comes to the ninth book. It’s not finished yet, but Diana Gabaldon routinely says “soon.” The terms “soon” and “ready” are relative. We’ll get the book when we get it and no time sooner.

What happens in the Outlander Book 9 Daily Line?

Back to the chapter, it’s focused on a small Gaelic lesson, which isn’t the first time it’s happened in the book. It’s clear that the ninth book keeps the Frasers at the Ridge. Their community has continued to grow and Frances continues to be a large part of the life of the Frasers.

During this chapter, she hears Jamie say “Taing,” which means “thanks.” However, Frances questions that because Fergus has taught her something different. We get a look into the formal and informal part of the language, something that every language has.

I say “cheers” when I’m being informal because where I was brought up in Yorkshire, that was the phrase. “Ta” is another one. “Thank you” is the formal version.

The Daily Lines certainly don’t give plot spoilers. Instead, we get the small moments that are important for life on the Ridge. We get a sense of the characters, especially those that we haven’t had in our lives for many years/books. These Daily Lines for Outlander Book 9 have made it clear that Rachel and Frances are becoming more important in the novels.

We also have Jamie’s thoughts. It’s not often we get that, even now. I still wish that we could have the first couple of books from Jamie’s point of view as I still feel a lot was missing from them with only having more of a cliff notes version of his life with whatever he’d choose to tell Claire.

I’ll leave you with the Daily Lines from the book:

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