Maria Doyle Kennedy joins The Wheel of Time cast

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

What does this mean for Maria Doyle Kennedy on Outlander?

The Wheel of Time may or may not be on your radar right now. However, there’s a reason to keep an eye on the Amazon series, because Maria Doyle Kennedy has joined the cast.

The exciting addition to the cast was shared through a Twitter post from the show’s official platform. Doyle Kennedy will play Illa, and it sounds like she may be joining in Episodes 5 and 6 of the series. This suits the scripts other cast members held when announcing their own roles on the show about the same time, according to Dragonmount.

Little is known about the character. We know that Illa is married to Raen, who will be played by Narinder Samra.

Of course, there’s a big question about what this means for Doyle Kennedy on Outlander. We’ve seen other guest stars get roles on other shows and then not be able to return to our favorite show.

Is Aunt Jocasta needed for Outlander Season 6 and onward?

We can look at the books for potential storylines that we’re missing out on. Just remember that the books and show have diverted in places, but the bones of the story are still there.

At the end of Outlander Season 5, we’d stepped into Book 6 territory. The Revolutionary War is just around the corner. There’s a storm coming and the Frasers will need to decide which side of the war they’re on. Jocasta Innes will also need to make a decision.

In the books, she and her husband Duncan head north to Nova Scotia. They need to wait out the tides turning against the Loyalists. They’ve not been seen since the sixth book, and they didn’t have a major storyline after the Regulators storyline.

There’s a chance that Maria Doyle Kennedy was told she wouldn’t be needed for Outlander Season 6 and any potential seasons afterward because there just isn’t a story for Jocasta. There’s no need to actually see Jocasta and Duncan take off. All we need is a mention from Jamie or Brianna that she’s headed north for safety. This would certainly ease the fear of not getting Doyle Kennedy back for the episode.

At the same time, we don’t know how big of a role Illa is on The Wheel of Time. It’s possible that she’d still be available to film Outlander if necessary or if the show finds a way to keep her in the story.

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