20 best moments from Outlander Season 5

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Outlander Season 5
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The 20 best moments from all 12 episodes of Outlander Season 5

What were the best moments from the whole of Outlander Season 5?

I’ll admit that this certainly wasn’t easy to break down. There were some standout moments for the entire cast.

This list is not made up of just Claire and Jamie moments. Nor is it just made up of Roger and Brianna moments. There were other character moments that stood out considerably throughout the season.

The moments can be small or big. They can have multiple scenes that build up to this one particular moment or be a quiet moment between a couple that stands out for all the right reasons.

I’ve tried not to put the same moments as on the individual character list. While they are great moments, they were about that particular character. These 20 moments are about the show overall. This post, for me, is about how the moments work for the entire season or special elements to the season that stand out in ways that other seasons haven’t been able to offer.

However, there will be some crossover moments. After all, the individual character moments aren’t always just about one character. There’s something else in the scene that stands out.

Here are my favorite 20 moments from all 12 episodes of Outlander Season 5.