5 best Young Ian moments from Outlander Season 5

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Young Ian had some standout moments throughout Outlander Season 5

Young Ian had some standout moments, partially because the writers decided to have him return earlier than expected during Outlander Season 5.

It’s time to break down the moments into the top five. Let me tell you that this was definitely not easy. It took some time to figure out why moments stood out the most for me—were they just later in the season so I remember them more clearly or were they just the standout moments.

Young Ian gained a lot of attention when he returned. He could have slinked into the background, just there as a reminder but with a secret threatening to come out. He could have been underused like Fergus. However, he was given a great storyline and interacted with various characters.

Here are my five favorite Young Ian moments from Outlander Season 5.

5. His return

This is one of the moments that made it to my 20 best moments from Outlander Season 5. Not all of those on this list did. That’s mostly because now we’re looking at purely Young Ian moments, while the best moments overall take into account all the different storylines going on.

But what made this moment stand out? It was a big return moment. Young Ian quickly showed that the last few years with the Mohawks had changed him. He was a different man to the one that left at the end of Outlander Season 4.

Throughout the return, we saw there was a darkness to him. He’d gained skills he didn’t have before. But most importantly, Rollo was still by his side.