20 best moments from Outlander Season 5

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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6. Lizzie and Brianna’s goodbye

Episode: Season 5, Episode 11

There were certainly some emotional goodbyes. My favorite was the one between Lizzie and Brianna.

After everything that they had been through together, Lizzie just couldn’t understand why she wasn’t going to Boston with Bree. And that was understandable considering nobody knew that Bree and Roger were heading to Boston 200 years in the future!

We got this emotional goodbye. Lizzie was so loyal to her mistress that she just couldn’t see a life without Bree. At least it isn’t permanent. We get to see Lizzie and Bree back together in Outlander Season 6.

5. Claire fighting to survive

Episode: Season 5, Episode 12

There was a huge risk that the Outlander Season 5 finale could have been too traumatic to watch. The EPs and writers found a way to deal with that.

Instead of seeing everything happen to Claire, we got flashes of her dissociative state. This was a chance to see Claire fight to survive.

There were some excellent Easter eggs throughout the fantasy world. However, what stood out for me was that knowledge that Jamie was coming for her. She never doubted, but she needed to hold on.