Outlander Season 2 finale ratings throwback: Ending the season well

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

The Outlander Season 2 finale aired on this day in history, after a week break

We finish our Outlander Season 2 ratings throwbacks with the finale episode. It aired on this day in 2016, bringing an end to the Scotland story.

As for the ratings, they turned out well despite the week break between Episodes 12 and 13. However, they wouldn’t reach the highs of earlier in the season. That’s not all that surprising considering the STARZ App would have come far more popular by the middle of 2016.

TV Series Finale reports that the ratings ticked up in both the demo and total audience. The demo was up 26% to 0.19, which was down from the 0.39 start in the premiere. The total audience was up 10%, remaining over the million but still off the 1.4 million start. Of course, we don’t get to know what the STARZ App ratings were.

An episode in two time periods

The Outlander Season 2 finale opted to go the way of the premiere. We got a story in two timelines. However, unlike the premiere, which was mostly in one time period for half an episode and then back into the past, the episode chopped and changed between the periods.

We saw as Claire and Jamie made one final attempt to prevent Culloden even happening. It wasn’t meant to be, with Dougal overhearing the plan. We would have to say goodbye to Dougal in a bloody way, but it wouldn’t be until the Season 3 premiere that we said goodbye to most of the other men who fought by Jamie’s side.

Meanwhile, we got to meet Brianna and Roger. This was a chance to start their love story, while also bringing the truth about Geillis Duncan. It was time to see her travel through the stones, fitting many of the pieces together from the first season. Brianna and Roger learned the truth, both about Jamie and time travel.

This was a standout episode of the season. It was packed with emotion, especially as Jamie made the sacrifice to send Claire back to her own time. It would all link to the Outlander Season 2 premiere that picked up with Claire coming through the stones to learn Culloden couldn’t be won.

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