Outlander Season 2 premiere ratings throwback: A huge surge in viewers

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Today in history, the Outlander Season 2 premiere aired for the very first time. Here’s a look back at the ratings, which saw a surge in live viewers.

When the Outlander Season 2 premiere aired, it was clear that more people had learned about this STARZ series. The episode, which premiered for the first time on this day in history, saw a huge surge in live viewers.

We have to remember that this was the time before the STARZ App was the platform that it is today. The live ratings mattered much more in the past, giving the premium cable network a clearer view of the amount of people watching live. Now, these live ratings don’t matter as much, but we still keep an eye on them.

For the second season, the ratings were excellent to begin. It was a series-high, with 1.457 million people tuning in and a 0.39 demo. The closest episode to this in the first season was “The Wedding,” with 1.417 million viewers and a 0.38 demo rating.

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On top of being a series-high, the live ratings saw a 102% boost in the total audience and 105% boost in the demo compared to the Season 1 premiere. The series premiere was already a great start, so you can see why STARZ renewed the series for two seasons after this point.

Compared to the Season 1 finale, the ticks were still impressively up. As the demo was the same for the finale, the tick up was the same. In terms of total audience, the audience was up 48% with the second season, as the first season ended with more viewers than it started with.

This was an excellent sign for things to come. The ratings did eventually tick down, but they made it clear that this show was one that viewers wanted.

It’s not often a TV show will see upward ticks in the ratings between the seasons. In fact, networks expect to lose viewers. Outlander‘s gains meant excellent news in the future.

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Outlander is available to stream in full on STARZ.