When could Men in Kilts premiere on STARZ?

When is STARZ likely to bring the docuseries Men in Kilts?

Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham is what Clan Lands has become. We know that STARZ is bringing the docuseries “soon,” but how soon is “soon?”

It’s hard to say right now. However, I don’t think it’s going to be too long before we see the docuseries. It’s all going to depend on the other originals the network has planned. STARZ tends to bring just one or two originals at a time, usually on a Sunday night starting from 8 p.m. This is just what works for the premium cable company, especially since many people will watch on Sunday mornings through the app.

Right now, Hightown is still airing. That has another handful of episodes to do, so we’re looking at it wrapping up in July at the earliest. It may run into the first Sunday of August. If STARZ decides Men in Kilts is the next original to premiere, then we’ll be looking at an August start date.

Men in Kilts could be held for the fall

There is a chance that STARZ is concerned about content for the fall and winter. After all, TV shows shutting production means that the initial plans for the end of 2020 and start of 2021 are up in the air.

We already know Outlander Season 6 won’t start filming until fall at the earliest. That’s a six-month delay or so, which means a six-month delay in the season premiering. There may have been plans to premiere in February to May 2021, but it’s going to be closer to the fall 2021 now.

Instead of rushing to bring out Men in Kilts, STARZ could hold off until the fall of 2020. That would make sense since we only have a teaser so far. There’s still the official trailer to come, which usually happens a few weeks or months later and will tend to have the release date.

So, we’re predicting it won’t be until August 2020 at the earliest but could be later in the fall. We’ll bring you the exact date when we know it because this is going to be perfect during Droughtlander.

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