On this day in history: Outlander renewed for two seasons

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Four years ago today, STARZ renewed Outlander for two seasons

Today is Outlander Day. It’s the anniversary of the first book being published. But there’s another reason to be excited about this day. It was also the first time STARZ renewed the series for two seasons.

On June 1, 2016, STARZ announced that Outlander Seasons 3 and 4 would happen. It was the first time the show had been renewed for two seasons, showing the popularity of the series and the support from STARZ.

You can look back at this old article from Variety to read the announcement. Chris Albrecht was CEO at the time, and he had high praise for the series and its production team.

Marking 25 years of Outlander’s publication

Something to note is that at the time of the announcement, the novel had turned 25 years old. The book had originally just been something for Diana Gabaldon to practice. She never intended to publish the book and look at what it has become now!

It seems fitting that the news of the renewal came on this day. The second season had aired eight episodes out of 13 up to this point. While we knew that the next Droughtlander would likely be a long one, we also knew that Droughtlander between the third and fourth seasons could be shortened. And it certainly was!

This renewal would set the tone for future renewals. The series was renewed for Seasons 5 and 6 at the same time, shortly before the release of the fourth season. Other STARZ shows started getting two-season pickups and renewals, helping to reduce breaks between the seasons.

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Do you remember hearing the news of the renewal for the first time? How did you feel knowing it was coming back for two seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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