Outlander Season 6 will borrow from other books too

Outlander Season 6 isn’t just going to include A Breath of Snow and Ashes stories

One thing that caught Sassenachs’ attentions was the fact that Outlander Season 5 wasn’t only focused on the fifth book in the series. It turns out that’s also going to be the case with Outlander Season 6.

According to Ron D. Moore in an interview with Collider, the series is going to borrow from other books. He didn’t say which ones exactly, but it would make sense to move forward. Of course, Season 5 included a scene from “Voyager” that hadn’t made it to the third season. With the opportunity of flashbacks to help tell a story, small scenes like that from earlier books could still be included.

However, Moore says that the focus is on the New World and the upcoming Revolutionary War. That was certainly the tone set during the Season 5 finale with the storm rolling in. Not only is there a physical storm coming but also a metaphorical one that Claire, Brianna, and Roger have read all about.

Playing around with the Outlander chronology

Moore has always said that there was never always a plan to do one book per season. In the past, he’s talked about how there are discussions each season about whether to do just half a book or whether to combine two books. However, Seasons 1 to 4 were mostly the first four books in order.

Now the chronology is changing. The fifth book included the locusts from a later book, opting for Brianna and Roger to solve the problem instead of allowing Claire to. We got Stephen Bonnet’s storyline in the fifth season instead of waiting for Outlander Season 6.

There’s going to be more of this change to the chronology. From a TV point of view, it’s going to make sense. Some storylines need to be condensed to one or two seasons to prevent an actor hanging around and wondering whether they’re going to be needed. It prevents problems of actors going onto other projects and not being available for a storyline on Outlander anymore.

Changing up the chronology also keeps book readers on their toes. They’ll recognize the stories but not in the order they’re happening. It will be harder to say “Oh, I know what’s going to happen next” moving forward.

What do you think about Outlander Season 6 borrowing from other books? Which storylines do you hope are used? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 6 pre-production continues. Stay tuned for details on filming.