5 big questions after the Outlander Season 5 finale

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Outlander Season 5 — Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ

While the Outlander Season 5 finale was certainly one of the most traumatic episodes we’ve ever watched, the ending gave us multiple questions for Season 6.

The Outlander Season 5 finale was certainly one of the most traumatic episodes of the series we’ve seen to date. However, it was also one of the most beautifully crafted. The episode also left us with many questions for the next season.

I’m asking these questions without considering the book storylines still to come. It’s unclear now just how much from Book 6 will be used. There’s a chance some leftover storylines from Book 5 will be included or that storylines from Book 7 will be used. The show has become its own entity completely from this point (and I think that’s a good thing).

Okay, there’s one question that uses some book knowledge. That will make sense once you see it.

Here are my top five questions from the Outlander Season 5 finale that will hopefully be answered in Season 6.

5. Will Claire’s PTSD take up some time during Season 6?

One of the things that I loved about Outlander Season 2 in Paris was how Jamie still had his trauma to work through. It was covered quickly at the monastery during the first book, but the show decided to slow the pacing down for recovery. That’s something I respected, especially seeing why Jamie was pulled out of the fear and nightmares—he had chance to get revenge.

I hope the show does the same thing for Claire. The writers have always been respectful when it comes to recovering from abuse and torture, so I do have faith.

This is a huge thing that will affect Claire forever. She can’t just recover because she feels “safe” thanks to Jamie. We need time to see her work through it.

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