Explaining the drip from the ceiling on the Outlander Season 5 finale

What did the drip mean on the Outlander Season 5 finale?

During Claire’s dreamscape on the Outlander Season 5 finale, there were a number of connections back to previous seasons. Some of the connections were to the books, but could also have other meanings.

The drip from the ceiling is one that has some fans confused. To be honest, there are two potential meanings behind it. One is a connection to the books and the other is a connection to the events really happening to Claire.

There’s no wrong or right answer when it comes to the subjectivity of the drip from the ceiling. Like the abstract painting, we can take it to mean different things.

The connection to the books

Not used on Outlander Season 4 (that I can remember), the drip in the ceiling comes from a moment in the fourth book. When Claire and Jamie are building their cabin in “Drums of Autumn,” the roof leaks. Jamie goes to the roof naked in the middle of the night to fix it.

Diana Gabaldon shared the passage for those questioning where the link was. After all, not including it in the show would leave show-first fans curious and confused.

#DailyLines #DRUMSofAUTUMN #Book4 #ForThoseWhoWonderWhereTheLeakintheCeilingCameFromSnow came silently, and mounded…

Posted by Diana Gabaldon on Saturday, May 16, 2020

This is where the secondary reasoning behind the drip comes into play.

Life from the Outlander Season 5 finale seeping in

Claire’s dreamscape wasn’t perfect. There were moments where the outside world would seep in. One of the most problematic themes was Lionel Brown showing up—as his 18th-century self and as the police officer with Hodgepile next to him.

The drip from the ceiling could have been another connection to the outside world. It was that the dreamscape wasn’t reality. That there was something else happening around her. The drip showed the threat of reality caving in on her.

Another connection could be a link to one of the superstitions of the past. People believed the drip from the ceiling was a threat of the bad to come.

Personally, I thought of the world caving in on Claire when I first saw the drip. I’d forgotten all about the drip from the ceiling in the books.

What did you immediately think of when you saw the drip from the ceiling? What did you notice on the Outlander Season 5 finale that others haven’t yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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