What trouble could Richard Brown cause on Outlander Season 6?

There’s no doubt that Richard Brown will cause trouble for the Frasers on Outlander Season 6. The question for many is what that trouble will be.

We know that Richard Brown is going to be trouble on Outlander Season 6. It makes sense to keep that storyline contained to the next season in the way Bonnet’s storyline was contained to Seasons 4 and 5. The question is what type of trouble Richard will cause.

He has made it clear that there’s now a blood feud. Jamie killed Lionel (at least, that’s the view Richard will take) so Richard must kill Jamie. The Frasers will also need to suffer. So, what’s coming up?

We can look at the books for this. “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” has a whole storyline that involves Richard. It surrounds the Malva storyline which may or may not take place in the sixth season. It’s not my favorite plot of all the books but I can see how it should be included. That doesn’t mean it has to be.

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One thing we know is that the story has to build-up to the fire at the Big House. This is the reason Brianna and Roger made their way to the past. Without the fire, there won’t be the clipping. Without the clipping, Bree and Roger wouldn’t have a reason to travel.

If the Malva storyline doesn’t take place, is it possible that Richard Brown will play a part? Will he decide to set fire to the house and make it look like the Cherokee neighbors have had a hand in it? After all, I find it suspicious that he was building a “law and order” team to protect the people due to the burning of houses. I suspect he has something to do with those house burnings.

Richard certainly wants to find a way to destroy the Frasers for killing his brother. The quesiton is whether the show will stick to the books or create a more contained, one-episode storyline.

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