When will Outlander Season 5 be on Digital?

Outlander Season 5 is currently available to stream on STARZ, but what if you want to buy it on Digital to watch when you want? When will it be available?

While you can watch the whole of Outlander Season 5 on STARZ, you don’t necessarily want to keep paying for the subscription. So, you’ll be looking for a way to watch legally on Digital or DVD. Eventually, the season will be released on both, but we’ll start with the Digital release first?

In the past, Outlander has been released on Digital around four or five months after the season finale airs. Season 4 came at the end of May after a January finale date, so we’re looking about the same timeframe for Season 5. The fourth season also came to digital a day before the DVD release date.

With that timeframe in mind, we’re looking at Outlander Season 5 heading to Digital about Sept. 10, based on the May 10 finale date. Due to the current coronavirus situation, we could see the release a little earlier. It’s going to depend on whether there’s an exclusivity agreement with STARZ first.

The DVD will likely be released the day after. However, DVD releases usually happen on Tuesdays, so Sept. 6 or Sept. 13 for the Digital release and then Sept. 7 or Sept. 14 for the DVD release.

The Digital copy will still include some of the bonus features. However, the Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray is always the way to go for the most bonus features possible.

For now, the only way to stream Outlander Season 5 is through STARZ. Hopefully, we’ll get the release date on Digital very soon so we can preorder and relive the full season only paying the once.

What was your favorite episode of Outlander Season 5? What bonus features are you looking forward to seeing? Share in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 is now available to stream in full on STARZ. Watch with Amazon Channels.