Outlander Season 6 is not confirmed as the last season yet!

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ /

Worried about some publications saying that Outlander Season 6 is the final season? Don’t worry! There’s no confirmation it’s the end just yet.

Recent reports shared that Outlander Season 6 was going to be the end of the series. This was a case of “don’t believe everything you read.” There’s no confirmation the show is ending just yet.

Understandably, fans took to Twitter to find out if the reports were true. After all, it came from a reputable publication. But sometimes, people get things wrong. They read something in slightly the wrong way. And that’s what happened here.

Maril Davis put minds at ease, sharing that right now, the sixth season is not confirmed as the last. In fact, just a few months ago, Ron D. Moore shared that Sony and STARZ were talking about the future of the series, including a renewal. There is hope for Outlander Season 7 still.

It will always come down to a numbers game. STARZ isn’t going to renew the series just yet. I don’t think we’ll hear anything about a seventh season until at least just a few months before the sixth season premieres. That means we’re going to be waiting until sometime around summer 2021 for any hint of news. If we get it earlier than I’ll be ecstatic.

Let’s just look at the history. Outlander Season 2 was picked up after the pilot episode aired. It was a great result for STARZ, which meant confidence in renewing a second season. Then just a couple of months into the second season, STARZ picked up the show for two more seasons.

We didn’t find out about the Seasons 5 and 6 renewal until just before Season 4 premiered. So, with that in mind, we’re looking at sometime before Season 6 for any hint of Outlander Season 7. We could have to wait until while Season 6 is airing.

There is some great news for fans, though. We could find out ahead of Outlander Season 6 due to the viewing figures for Season 5. Despite the live Nielsen ratings showing the lowest ratings, Matt B. Roberts confirmed that the fifth season was one of the most-watched seasons of all time. More people are watching through the STARZ App, and those ratings aren’t counted by Nielsen—they’re more important for STARZ, though.

But wasn’t Power highly rated and canceled after six seasons? That show wasn’t canceled. It came to an end. There’s a huge difference. In fact, the show has been so popular that spin-off shows have been greenlit by STARZ to keep the universe going. This suggests the same could happen for Outlander.

Don’t count out more seasons of the series just yet. Outlander Season 6 isn’t confirmed as the final season right now and there are a lot of reasons to renew it.

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