5 Outlander characters we definitely don’t want to be quarantined with

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2. Black Jack Randall

When it comes to the evilest villains on Outlander, Black Jack Randall takes the biscuit for me. I know Stephen Bonnet is evil, but there have been times he’s shown humanity. There has only been one case where Black Jack Randall showed any signs of kindness, and that was towards a brother he was jealous of.

Jonathan Wolverton Randall is sadistic. He likes to hurt people. He takes literal pleasure form that pain. And he loves to make people his puppets.

So, I think I’ll pass on Randall being anywhere near my home.

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1. Laoghaire MacKenzie

I know you probably wondered how Black Jack Randall wasn’t first on my list, but you may agree with me that there’s a worse character out there. Okay, I actually understand Laoghaire’s actions at first. I don’t condone them, but I do understand them. It’s not the younger version that I dislike so much.

It’s the older version. After having children and getting her chance to be with Jamie, you would have thought she’d have understood that they just weren’t meant to be. Maybe when they were younger they could have made things work (had Claire not been around, of course), but Laoghaire and Jamie were too damaged by the time they married. She should have been mature enough to step away.

So, her lack of maturity as she got older is what would make me want to stay away. I don’t want that crazy in my house during quarantine!

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Who would you hate to have in your house during quarantine? Which Outlander characters would need to be kept outside in the cold? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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