5 Outlander characters we definitely don’t want to be quarantined with

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4. Geillis Duncan

If there’s one person you don’t want to trust, it’s Geillis Duncan. At first, I really liked her. In fact, I wished that she could have been written differently as she and Claire could have had a great bond. I feel like Geillis should have known for certain that Claire was a time traveller and should have just been honest about that.

But we got the Outlander story that we did with her. It turned out she wanted a free Scotland and would do anything to see the Jacobites win. That meant threatening Brianna’s life.

But there was something in the first season that made it clear she wouldn’t be someone to quarantine with. While it would be great to have a healer, she also used her knowledge of herbs to kill. When she got fed up with Arthur Duncan and wanted to free herself up for Dougal, she killed him with poison. I wouldn’t trust her to make my food!

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3. Governor Tryon

As much as I love Tim Downie, Governor Tryon is not an Outlander character I would want in my home during quarantine. While he hasn’t really done too much wrong (remember the time period before you judge), he is just too narcissistic and self-centered to even want to be in a room with for too long.

In a way, it’s a shame. A man with his sort of influence could be extremely useful in quarantine. However, I don’t think I could put up with his “me me me” attitude all the time. Nor could I deal with his thoughts about the Regulators—as much as I didn’t agree with their actions at Hillsborough, I could understand their fight.

So, he’s one that’s off my list. What about the last two?