3 best Roger moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 8

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Season 5, Episode 8 told us everything that happened to Roger before he was hanged and give us a look at life after. Here are his best moments.

Did you really think Outlander was going to kill Roger off? It might have looked like it at the end of Episode 7, but Outlander Season 5, Episode 8 gave us a look at how it was possible for him to survive. We can thank his future knowledge and his survival instincts.

During “Famous Last Words,” we get a sense of his recovery. More importantly, we get a look at the trauma he went through and how it plays on his mind. And all of this was done in an amazing method of filming. The use of the silent film footage connected to Roger’s character and brought a sense of the 20th century to the 18th-century world.

There were some amazing moments for Roger throughout the episode. Whether it was his attempt to sing and the sadness that came from that or his ability to communicate without saying a word, this is an episode that proves Richard Rankin’s abilities as an actor.

These are the three moments that stood out the most for me on Outlander Season 5, Episode 8. There are some major spoilers if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

3. Protecting Jemmy

Roger refuses to speak. Claire gives him the medical all-clear, but Roger isn’t willing to even attempt to utter a word. The trauma is too much for him right now.

However, his fatherly instincts cut in during the episode. As Jemmy is about to reach for hot teapot, Roger shouts “don’t” and rushes towards him. It’s the first thing he says, and while he scares Jemmy and everyone around him, the focus is on the fact that he spoke.

He spoke as a father. He spoke because he needed to save Jemmy. Nothing else mattered in those seconds, proving that Roger is Jemmy’s father whether by blood or not.

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2. Seeing Bree as the light in the darkness

While on the road with Young Ian, Roger stops at a set of cliffs and looks down. Young Ian knows exactly what Roger is thinking in that moment. Well, he thinks he does.

It does look like Roger is thinking about jumping. Maybe he is for a second. Wouldn’t we all in that situation? SWAT has a moment in Season 3, Episode 18 where Deacon shares that for a second he thought about ending it all but hadn’t had that thought since then. When things get on top of us, we wonder what it would be like to end it all.

However, Roger faces his trauma. He allows himself to think of his final moments. As he hanged, holding onto life, he saw Bree in the darkness. She was his light; the thing that made him fight for his life. And she’s the one that will make him fight now.

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1. Saving Young Ian from himself

After that moment of staring down from the cliffs, Roger has a peaceful night. He wakes to Rollo whimpering—and who didn’t feel Rollo’s pain in that moment? Rollo knew that Young Ian was struggling. And Roger knew that by Rollo being tied up, Young Ian was about to do something bad.

Roger is the one that saved Young Ian from killing himself. As someone who is going through those dark thoughts, he knows what Young Ian is about to do. He can tell that Young Ian has lost someone or something; has been through some sort of trauma.

We get this chance for Roger to save someone while he’s still struggling. It’s also a chance for him to admit that he was wrong for burying his voice and that’s about to change. These two men can help each other, and I hope we see more of that on Outlander Season 5.

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What were your favorite Roger moments on Outlander Season 5, Episode 8? Share them in the comments below.

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