3 best Jamie moments on Outlander Season 5, Episode 8

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Jamie said goodbye to his godfather and tried to keep life going on at Fraser’s Ridge. Here are his best moments on Outlander Season 5, Episode 8.

Outlander Season 5, Episode 8 is a major episode for Roger and a certain returning character. However, it’s also an important episode for Jamie. This is a moment for him to move from being a colonel of the militia to the man of the house.

That’s not to say Jamie has never been the man of the house. He’s always protected his family and his tenants. That was why he went into war in the first place. He couldn’t say no to Governor Tryon while he still owed a debt for his land. However, that’s over, and now he can focus on being a family man.

Throughout Outlander Season 5, Episode 8, he tried to help keep things moving forward. As Bree and Claire dealt the most with Roger, Jamie had to make the family and tenants were cared for. He also had a chance to say goodbye to someone he loved. Here are Jamie’s top three moments from “Famous Last Words.”

From this point, we get into major spoilers for the episode. If you don’t know who returns yet, I suggest watching the episode first.

3. Admitting it doesn’t hurt less

The start of the episode is a chance to bury Murtagh. Jamie wants to check on Jocasta, who is mourning the loss of someone she loved dearly. They weren’t husband and wife, but that didn’t stop her from creating a headstone for Murtagh.

Jamie admits that things don’t hurt less just because Murtagh and Jocasta weren’t man and wife. It also doesn’t hurt less for him even if Murtagh wasn’t Jamie’s biological father. For a long time, Murtagh was the only father figure he had. He loved his godfather, and we get to see aunt and nephew connecting over this shared loss.

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2. Protecting Claire and Jemmy from the boar

During the episode, Jamie went into protector mode. He heard a noise in the woods and immediately told Claire to get Jemmy away to safety. Jamie knew what that noise was.

It didn’t matter if there was a chance he could die. Jamie was going to do everything he could to keep his family safe.

Of course, it was the moment Young Ian returned, and we got to see him turn his hunter mode on and back off again in seconds. This is always something I love seeing, knowing it to be realistic for a man like Jamie.

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1. Accepting Young Ian’s silence for now

Jamie can tell that Young Ian isn’t himself. We can all tell that Young Ian has experienced a loss. It’s Roger who learns some of it, but not for lack of trying. Jamie wants his nephew to talk to him.

When Young Ian makes it clear that he’s not ready to talk, Jamie doesn’t push. He understands that sometimes people need space first. Plus, it’s clear that Young Ian knows something about Claire and Jamie—maybe Claire’s ability to time travel?

Instead of arguing with his nephew, Jamie does the adult thing and takes a step back. Fortunately, Roger is there when Young Ian needs time to open up (and be stopped from taking his own life). Note that I don’t blame Jamie. Jamie had no idea that Young Ian was depressed; just that he wasn’t quite himself.

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