5 biggest questions after Outlander Season 5, Episode 6

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

While Jocasta’s wedding took place, the people at the Ridge dealt with a Biblical plague. Here are the big questions after Outlander Season 5, Episode 6.

Outlander Season 5, Episode 6 delivered a powerful episode for Jocasta Cameron (now Innes). As she focused on her wedding, she also had to deal with the reminder of her daughter’s death. Meanwhile, the people at the Ridge dealt with a Biblical plague.

It’s time to look over the episode at the storylines that could have an effect on the storylines in the future. There were many events that brought some big questions. Here are the five big questions from Outlander Season 5, Episode 6.

5. When will we see Engineer Brianna in action?

I was so looking forward to seeing Brianna step into action with an idea to deal with the locusts. Even if she didn’t think of the smoke, I was getting ready for her to create some sort of contraption to help spread the smoke. After all, she’s an engineer. She’d be able to put something together.

And yet, all she did was grab sheets to waft the smoke around. Brianna has been dealt with a bad hand in Outlander Season 5. When will we see Engineer Bree in action?

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4. What’s next for Stephen Bonnet?

Stephen Bonnet has learned that Brianna’s son, Jemmy, is now the owner of River Run. But there’s a bigger problem. He views Jemmy as his own son and so does Gerald Forbes. This could have a huge knock-on effect.

By believing Jemmy is his son, will he head to River Run to force the plantation to be put in his name? Will he find a way to kick Jocasta out? After all, Forbes wants revenge and he could certainly help!

3. Will Roger get a boost of confidence?

Roger hasn’t found a use for himself in the 18th century. He wants to head back to his own time, but that’s not possible at the moment. During Outlander Season 5, Episode 6, it looks like he’s finally come up with a use. He was the one to deal with the Biblical plague with a crazy idea.

Will this be a boost to his confidence? He’s gained renewed respect from the people on the Ridge. And we know that Jamie will be happy that his son-in-law took charge when necessary. Roger deserves to be proud of himself on this one.

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2. Is this meeting with Bonnet going to happen?

After the passionate make-up sex in the stable, Jamie shared that he’s set up a partnership with Bonnet and that he’ll meet with him. Everything has been done under the smuggler name Alexander Malcolm so Bonnet has no idea that he’s meeting with Jamie Fraser.

However, will this meeting happen? When it does happen, what’s going to happen? There’s a lot going on right now, especially with the Regulators. It’s not going to be easy to sort out the whiskey business and get revenge just yet.

Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ /

1. Can Jamie get a warning to Murtagh?

Jamie has learned that there’s going to be a war against the Regulators. There’s nothing stopping the British Army now, but the Regulators aren’t necessarily ready for this. On top of that, we know that the Regulators doesn’t amount to much. Once Bree learns that it’s the Battle of Alamance, she’s going to know enough to figure out who wins.

Can Jamie get word to Murtagh? Will he be able to get some sort of warning to give the Regulators a fighting chance? Or is this it?

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What are your big questions after Outlander Season 5, Episode 6? Share them in the comments below.

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