5 best moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 6

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Outlander Season 5, Episode 6 had a lot going on. Which moments stood out for the overall series? Here are my five favorite moments.

There was a lot happening in Outlander Season 5, Episode 6 when you look at each character individually. Jocasta dealt with the thoughts of her marriage and loss of Murtagh, while Claire and Jamie had to deal with the knowledge that Bonnet was working with Phillip Wylie. Then there was Roger and Bree, dealing with trouble at the Ridge.

The episode brought some excellent moments. We got storylines that catapult us into the second half of the season. There are threats of future storylines that may not even play a part in this season and may come up in Season 6. Then there were heartfelt moments that were necessary for character development and understanding.

Like usual, my favorite moments don’t always involve the main characters. They can be small things that are important for the whole season or they may be important moments for the individual side characters. Here are my five favorite moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 6.

5. The Jocasta flashback

I appreciated the time spent on giving us a flashback of JocastaOutlander Season 5 has utilized a lot of flashbacks, and they are certainly important. The only thing I wasn’t too happy about was having Jocasta tell the story again. If you’re going to show it, you don’t need to tell it.

Regardless, the flashback gave us a look at a character we haven’t really had the chance to get to know. The books have the time to go into more details and tell us these stories of the past. This was an important story to tell to understand why Jocasta wouldn’t run away with Murtagh.

As much as Jocasta loves Murtagh, she can’t be with a man like him. She won’t stop him from fighting for what he believes is right, but she doesn’t want to go through the heartbreak she went through after Culloden.