Outlander Season 5, Episode 7 synopsis: No mention of Roger

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Season 5, Episode 7 is titled The Ballad of Roger Mac, but the synopsis for the episode doesn’t mention him at all. What can we expect?

With the title “The Ballad of Roger Mac,” we were sure that this was the episode of Outlander we’ve all been dreading this season. And yet, the Outlander Season 5, Episode 7 synopsis doesn’t tell us anything about him. When you watch the promo, you’ll also not get a hint of our poor Roger.

So, what can we expect in the episode? Well, the synopsis is focused on Jamie. This is just the shorter synopsis for now, and an extended one may be released later in the week like it was last week. However, I suspect that’s not going to happen since the synopsis and promo seem to join together for this episode.

The synopsis tells us that Jamie is getting ready for a war against the Regulators. He doesn’t want to do this, but right now he doesn’t have a choice. He needs to remain on the wrong side of history for the time being. Well, to be honest, this moment he’s on the right side of history. The Battle of Alamance is coming, and we all know how that ended.

Jamie needs to deal with his fear. He needs to confront the divided loyalties he will face. Now is the time for him to stop walking between the two fires and choose a side. Just which side is that going to be? Is he choosing Murtagh or Claire? Well, we know the side, but it’s not going to be easy.

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Here’s a look at the Outlander Season 5, Episode 7 synopsis:

"The Regulator Rebellion reaches a boiling point, forcing Jamie to face his fear and confront the consequence of his divided loyalties."

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What do you expect to happen in Episode 7? What do you take from the synopsis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5, Episode 7 airs Mar. 29 at 8/7c on STARZ.