Outlander Season 5, Episode 5: Inside the World of Perpetual Adoration

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Matt B. Roberts and Maril Davis take us Inside the World of Outlander Season 5, Episode 5. We get an explanation for the flashbacks.

When some Outlander fans saw the flashbacks in “Perpetual Adoration,” there were questions of why. Why would the show add something in when there is already so much content to fit into 12 episodes? Matt B. Roberts and Maril Davis explain the reasons for flashbacks in Outlander Season 5, Episode 5 during Inside the World.

The flashbacks all lead to one thing. It’s all about Claire and Jamie. While there was the element of the penicillin, the main focus of the flashbacks was Claire and Brianna heading to London. Graham Menzies was the reason Claire decided it was time to head back to the UK and it led to Claire finding out that Jamie Fraser had survived Culloden.

However, that’s not all that the two EPs talk about in the Inside the World segment. They discuss a little of Knox and Jamie. And it’s not about Jamie making the decision to kill Knox at the end, but about Knox learning the truth. Something that I never even considered is Knox’s realization of who Jamie is. Roberts points out that it’s like someone finding out they had an undercover cop in their midst.

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Of course, there’s also a touch on Adso. After all, he is the new cast member we’ve impatiently waited to see all season. And he is just as adorable as we expected him to be! What’s it going to be like when/if Rollo ends up back on set?

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What did you love about Outlander Season 5, Episode 5? What have you learned from Inside the World that you hadn’t considered when watching the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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