Outlander Book 9 Daily Lines: Claire has a request for Brianna

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Claire and Brianna are the focus for the Outlander Book 9 Daily Lines. Claire has a request for her daughter, but why? Let’s theorize!

While we’re watching Outlander Season 5 and keeping an eye on the news, Diana Gabaldon has a new Outlander Book 9 Daily Lines. This time, we get a story from Claire’s POV and she has a request for Brianna.

As usual, there are minor spoilers in these Daily Lines posts. They don’t come as often anymore with Gabaldon being closer to finishing the book. While she wants to tease us, she doesn’t want to give away major spoilers, which can lead to some parts being redacted. That’s not happened in this tease, which starts with Claire thinking about how much she wishes she could draw like Brianna.

It’s something we’ve seen in Outlander Seasons 4 and 5. Brianna is an artist, which is great for the 18th century. Without a camera, Brianna is able to capture moments in the past that we would do with smartphones now. Claire does feel a little jealous of that, but in a positive way. She nourishes her daughter’s gift.

But that’s not the main focus of the Outlander Book 9 Daily Lines. Claire wants Brianna to do something for her and it involves Lord John Grey. Fans will remember that up to this point, Jamie and John are no longer on speaking terms. Things are getting better, but Jamie still feels hurt by John’s actions when he and Claire believed Jamie was dead. Brianna is still certainly on speaking terms and calls John her favorite person outside of the family.

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Here’s a look at the Outlander Book 9 Daily Lines so you can see it all for yourself.

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Posted by Diana Gabaldon on Saturday, March 14, 2020

While we get to know the request, we don’t get to know why Claire wants Bree to write to John. What has happened in the chapters leading up to this? You know this is the perfect tease that leads to us needing to know more.

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Why do you think Claire wants Bree to write to Lord John Grey? What do you hope to learn in Book 9? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Book 9 is still being written. We’ll bring the latest news as soon as we have it.