5 biggest questions after Outlander Season 5, Episode 5

Outlander Season 5, Episode 5 saw Jamie make a dangerous decision that could come back in the future. Here are my five biggest questions after the episode.

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There was a lot going on in Outlander Season 5, Episode 5. Claire had flashbacks of a patient in the 1960s, while Jamie had to make a decision that wasn't easy but necessary. The episode certainly left us with a lot of questions.

Like with previous question articles, I'm avoiding spoilers from the book. If you want to read "The Fiery Cross" or you have read it, please try not to spoil things for those who haven't. Plus, we have no idea what to expect in the show as there are storylines that aren't the same.

One of those storylines involved Hamilton Knox. He isn't a character from "The Fiery Cross," so we have a lot of questions about the ending to that storyline during this episode. Here are my five big questions after the "Perpetual Adoration."

5. Does Brianna really want to go back to the future?

At the end of the episode, Roger came back to Brianna with the promise of standing by her no matter what. This was when he found out that Bonnet is alive, which made him bring up the gem again. They can use it to travel as soon as they know if Jemmy can travel. After all, Bree said that it was their ticket home.

Going back to the 1970s has been on Roger's mind for a while, but Brianna has always wanted to stay. Does suggesting the gem was still their ticket home suggest that she was thinking about heading back through the stones? Is she having second thoughts now that Bonnet is around and it keeps playing on her mind?

She didn't look like she was ready to go back to her own time when Roger hugged her. There's another argument brewing.

4. Will Roger start looking out for Bonnet?

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Now that Roger knows that Bonnet is still alive, is there a chance that it will play on his mind? Bree has already admitted that she fears Bonnet is lurking; looking for Jemmy. Could Roger start wondering the same thing?

We know that Roger isn't a man set out for the 18th century, but that doesn't mean he won't want to get revenge. Now he has a chance to get revenge against the man who raped his wife. He gets to act out all those thoughts he would have likely had, especially knowing who Bonnet was.

He'll also want to make sure his family is protected. The idea of Bonnet being out there will make him more cautious, right?

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3. When will everyone at the Ridge talk about Bonnet?

Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Roger all know that Bonnet is alive. But Jamie and Claire don't know that Brianna and Roger know. Brianna and Roger know that Jamie knows and may assume that he's told Claire. Bree doesn't' seem bothered that her Da hasn't told her the truth, possibly because she understands why he's decided to keep it from her.

However, with everyone knowing, there are going to be slips now and then. How long until Roger mentions it to Claire by accident or brings it up to Jamie? How long until Brianna mentions it without thinking about who she's speaking to because she needs her mom? This could cause some problems.

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2. Will word spread about Claire performing surgeries?

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Claire did what she had to do to save the Beardsley twins. They are both recovering from surgery and haven't shown an allergy to the penicillin. This is great, but it could mean problems in the future. After all, the word will spread that Claire has performed a surgery that nobody has done before.

Claire's actions are extremely dangerous for the time. She's kept bodies in the cellar and made mold to treat patients. It's only a matter of time before people start questioning her healing methods and link them to witchcraft.

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1. Will Jamie's actions come back to bite him?

Jamie had to make a difficult decision to protect his family. There's no way that he would have wanted to kill Hamilton Knox, but he had no choice. Knox was going to brand him a traitor, which would have meant Jamie would have been hanged. Claire, Bree, Roger, and others would have been in trouble.

However, the boy who delivered the papers to Knox would have known there was another man in the room. Governor Tyron could find out that Jamie was the last person to talk to Knox and believe that Jamie killed him. Will all this come back to bite Jamie?

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What questions do you have after Outlander Season 5, Episode 5? Share them in the comments below.

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